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Internal Rules of Ethics

The Internal Rules of Ethics recorded below are intended for the use of dealers participating in all Bustamante Enterprises, Inc. antique shows and sales and as such, they are a part of the basic contract and or agreement between Bustamante Enterprises, Inc. and the show dealer or exhibitor. A breach of these rules constitutes a breach of contract.

  1. Dealers are not to interfere with other dealers by entering their booths and speaking to anyone in or around the booth, whether or not the dealer is transacting business.
  2. There will be no price tag alteration or switching on any item on display. If a dealer decides to increase the price of an item, that item will be withdrawn from display for the duration of the show. Dealers will change price tags on merchandise when it has been reduced in price.
  3. There will be no "Sale" or "Special Price" prices advertised.
  4. Dealers are not to enter an unattended booth. Unattended means the dealer is not present in the booth even though there are no "Do Not Enter" signs displayed.
  5. Voluntary discounting to the general public is to be discouraged. This does not mean a dealer cannot discount an item if so requested by the customer.
  6. Bad checks by dealers to dealers or to customers will not be tolerated and will lead to elimination from all shows produced by Bustamante Enterprises, Inc..
  7. Dealers will be appropriately attired and their appearance must reflect favorably on the show.
  8. Only participating contracted dealers may pre-shop the show. Dealers are responsible for their assistants and will assure that they are only present to help the dealer and will not pick the show. All helpers must wear a Bustamante Enterprises, Inc. show badge.
  9. Non-participating dealers will not wear their badge into the show on set-up days or during the show. Help will be provided with a special badge to indicate their status and they will not be able to make any purchases during set up.
  10. Dealer to dealer sales should be paid for at the time of transaction unless it is mutually agreed between the dealers that payment be made at a later time. Under no circumstances may an item be returned at the end of the show and not be paid for.

External Rules of Ethics

  1. Dealers will issue a written receipt to customers for all purchases, with the following printed information; dealer's name, address and phone number.
  2. All items for sale will be clearly priced in dollars and cents. Price list for multiple set items sold singly will suffice.
  3. Dealers will not appraise or offer an opinion on merchandise in or from another dealers booth, unless so requested by the seller.
  4. Refunds will be made in accordance with the laws of the state where items are sold.
  5. It is the responsibility of the dealer to advise in writing on the receipt, when an item has been restored, repaired or in any way altered.
  6. Each item will be clearly identified on the price tag and on the receipt as to approximate date of origin.
  7. For security reasons, photographs of booths or merchandise are not permitted without the dealers and Show Producers permission.
  8. Any dispute by a customer or between Exhibitors arising from a transaction at a Bustamante Enterprises, Inc. show, or event not satisfactorily resolved shall immediately be brought to the attention of the Show Producer.