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The Antiquarian Book, Print, Photo and Paper Fair
Booth Information

The Pasadena floor plan indicates booth locations. Included in the price of each booth is the following equipment.

Pegboard walls (7ft high) across the entire back wall of each booth and 4ft wide returns on each side. Each corner booth will have an open exposed corner, unless otherwise requested. The walls will be covered with flame proof paper in the color white. You may have the option of choosing a different color for an additional charge. This will be ordered on your equipment order form. If you intend to use the pegboards to hang objects, please bring your own hooks or hanging devises. We do not provide any hardware for hanging.

A 500 watt electrical outlet and one (1) 15ft extension cord.

Two (2) chairs and waste basket.

Free indoor parking during the entire show for one (1) vehicle per booth.

Booth signs and Dealer I.D. tags.

Two (2) covered tables (8ft, 6ft, or 4ft)